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IO's Progession by instance so far in TBC:  

Sunwell Plateau 

Kalecgos 04/06/2008
Brutallus 05/05/2008

Black Temple 

Naj'entus 10/29/2007
Supremus 10/29/2007
Shade of Akama 11/06/2007
Teron Gorefiend 12/03/2007
Gurtogg Bloodboil 12/03/2007
Essence of Souls 12/11/2007
Mother Shahraz 12/16/2007
The Illidari Council 12/17/2007
Illidan Stormrage 01/13/2008

Mount Hyjal 

Rage Winterchill 10/28/2007
Anetheron 10/28/2007
Kaz'rogal 11/05/2007
Azgalor 11/12/2007
Archimonde 11/19/2007

Serpentshire Cavern

Hydross 06/25/2007
Tidewalker 07/16/2007
Fathomlord 07/20/2007
Lurker 07/23/2007
Leo 08/02/2007
Vashj 10/14/2007

The Eye

Void Reaver 06/22/2007
A'lar 09/30/2007
Solarian 09/30/2007
Kael'thas 10/23/2007


Akil'zon 11/13/2007
Nalorakk  11/13/2007
Jen'Alai 11/14/2007
Halazzi 11/17/2007
Malacrass 11/17/2007
Zul'Jin 11/17/2007

World Bosses

Doomwalker 12/11/2007
Kazzak 01/27/2008

Magtheridon's Lair

Magtheridon 05/30/2007

Gruul's Lair

High King 03/21/2007
Gruul 04/22/2007


Huntsman 02/06/2007
Moroes 02/06/2007 
Maiden 02/09/2007 
Romulo & Julianne 02/13/2007
Curator 02/15/2007
Shade of Aran 02/19/2007
Prince 02/26/2007
Nightbane 03/09/2007
Illhoof 03/18/2007
Netherspite 03/18/2007

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Written by Natalya   
Sunday, 26 August 2007

Effort Points Gear Points is the loot system that IO uses for 25 man raids.

you can read up on and DL the mod for EPGP here~ Note that we are using a slightly edited version of the mod, basically changing the default from EP/GP = PR to EP-GP=PR. You can easily edit your mod as described HERE by xhaw.

Feel free to ask questions in this thread or in game. You can view each players stats in the Officer's Notes in the guildpage, but you should really DL the mod and edit it (see above). By default just click "J" for a list of EP (Effort Points, stuff you earn) GP (Gear Points, measuring what you've bought) and PRiority ( EP - GP = PR) which determines who wins loot. That's the system, in a nutshell.

You earn EP by raiding (5 EP per 15mins), showing up and being zoned in on time (50 EP for Farm Nights, 100 EP for Content Nights), for staying the end of a raid (50 EP for Farm Nights, 100 EP for Content Nights), and for killing bosses (up to 150 EP for a first kill and down to 25 EP for Farm Bosses).

Current EPGP settings: Decay: 5% At each new raid, everyone's current EP and GP will both be lowered by 10%. Min EP: 1400 Any player with less than the Min EP will not be eligible for anything but defaulted loot untill they cross the Min EP mark. As we feel out the system these values are subject to change.

Raid Etiquette

Leaving the Raid early:Leaving the raid before it ends is fine, however we ask that you give at least 15 minutes notice, and the more the better. This allows us to contact your replacement from lockout and have them move down to the instance entry so the raid can continue smoothly without skipping a beat. If you fail to give proper notice, you can expect all EP earned for the evening to be discarded.

AFK Repetetive - especially unannounced - AFK's can result in warnings, minor EP penalties, and finally major EP penalties if the raid is constantly waiting on your noob ass.

In all these situations, we understand that RL happens and try to give people the benefit of the doubt. If you go into labor and have to log we aren't mad at you, but we're still not giving you EP's

The Raid Goes Better When the Tank Lives Rule

As anyone in a guild past Molten Core is aware, a geared tank impacts the raid more positively than any other class or member present. As such, you may be asked (aka told politely) to pass on loot which will better us as a guild by landing on a tank. Generally, this will only happen with regards to the two MT's Haggis & Zwee.

The 10% Rule Short Version: you can buy crappy and/or non-raid loot at a huge discount.

All non-raid gear now costs 10% of the standard GP. A list of such items will be compiled and modified as we progress into new content. Discounted items will be available for these classes in the described manner:

Warriors: All warriors are expected to have the capacity and gear to tank regardless of spec. All plate DPS gear will be added to the discount list.

Approved Feral Tanks: May purchase boomkin and healing gear at discount.

"Real" Druids: May purchase boomkin and feral gear at discount.

Paladins: May purchase plate DPS / spell damage and tanking gear at discount.

Shamans: May purchase Enh / Ele gear at discount.

Approved Shadow Priests: May purchase healing gear at discount.

Priests: May purchase DPS gear at discount.

Rogues, Hunters, Mages, Warlocks: No discount gear available.

Two-Handed DPS weapons: -Spell damage oriented 2H DPS weapons are grouped with pally/shammy DPS gear at standard discount. -2H weapons for both warriors and hunters are purchased at full price by the person with highest PR as normal.

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